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Eng.Gaber Desouky The Egyptian Electricity Holding company and its subsidiaries is seeking to achieve the concept of national responsibility in all services and activities, to get to a better tomorrow for a brighter future, the company will continue its quest to serve the community, according to the company's strategy, and I am pleased to visit the company's website.
Eng.Gaber Desouky

The Vision and The Mission

The Vision :

World class leadership and excellence of sustainable electrical energy .

The Mission :

Provide sustainable electrical energy for all customers through available resources according to international standards at competitive prices by corporate effort adapting quality standards , resources utilization and environment conservation based on highly- efficient human poteneials and technologies. Performing work in an ethically responsible manner for the benefit of our customers, employees and society.

Leaders of EEHC

  • Eng.Gaber Desouky

  • DR. Eng.Khaled El Destawy

  • Eng.Mohamed Tablawy

  • Acc.Nadia qatary

  • Acc.Abd-ElMohsen Khalaf

  • Eng.Mahmoud ElNakiep


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The Egyptian Electricity authority was established in 1976 to be responsible for all power plants, transmission and distribution networks. In 1984 the public sector authority for electricity distribution was established and being supervised on the electrical distribution companies. Once again in 1998 the ownership of the distribution companies were joined to the Egyptian Electricity authority, seven areas of electricity and companies of electricity distribution was combined into seven joint-stock companies to produce and distribute electrical energy. In 2000, Law 164 was issued to transfer the Egyptian Electricity authority to the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company and Subsidiaries which are five companies for electricity production, seven companies for electricity distribution and one company for transmission and controlling electricity. In July 2001, the Egyptian electricity holding company and Subsidiaries were reconstructed and the number of Subsidiaries became sixteen companies which are six companies for electricity production, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company and nine companies for electricity distribution.
Egypt faces the challenges of providing enough resources of energy particularly in oil and natural gas where the percentage of dependence on them 95% of the total Egypt’s need of energy.
All studies indicate that despite Egypt owes reserves from these sources, but due to the growing use of them and its high cost of extraction, Egypt will face a deflect in covering its needs of those sources. Therefore reconsideration must be taken in the diversification of energy sources in order to achieve optimization.
Rationalization is to optimize usage of electric power resources which is a group of procedures or techniques that reduce energy consumption without compromising the comfort of individuals or their productivity and energy use. As the improvement of energy efficiency and conservation doesn’t mean preventing energy consumption as much it means to use this energy in a more efficient way which leads to limit the wasted energy. So the electricity sector bears a huge amount of money each year to cover peak loads which require a limited number of hours during summer. So it is necessary to explain for citizens the importance of rationalization and its benefits to migrate unnecessary loads off-peak time as well as follow the rationalization guidance in the use of lighting and electrical appliances which will benefit the citizen and the state.
The happiness and satisfaction of customers is the first and last criteria that will determine the success of the company, and this criteria that distinguishes the best companies from the others through outstanding service to customers. Thus to ensure the quality of the service and to keep them, the holding company is keen to provide effective tips in customer services as well as keen to provide excellent services through its subsidiaries to their customers. the privilege and technical and commercially and administratively competition in field of distribution and sale of electricity, provision of services and excellent consulting to customers through an ambitious action plans in order to improve the quality of services and power supply quality.

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