Recieve citizens' complaints

Companies that has launched WhatsApp service to receive citizens' complaints of electricity bills
Serial Distribution Company WhatsApp Number
1 North Delta 01097217682
2 Canal 01270003430
3 North Cairo 01283388888
4 South Cairo 01278117626
5 Upper Egypt 01002822513
6 South Delta 01207774849
7 Behera 01000549020
8 Alexandria 01289533661

Leaders of EEHC

  • Eng.Gaber Desouky

  • DR. Eng.Khaled El Destawy

  • Eng.Mohamed Tablawy

  • Acc.Nadia qatary

  • Acc.Abd-ElMohsen Khalaf

  • Eng.Mahmoud ElNakiep

Electricity services

Rationalization is to optimum usage of resources of electric power which is a group of procedures or techniques that reduces energy consumption without compromising the comfort of individuals or their productivity and energy use at their real need for action ...