Establishment of the company

The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company works on saving electrical energy for economic, social development projects and all-purposes cross the unified electrical grid through the necessary capacities and the highest level of technical specifications. It also takes in consideration all safeguards for the stability and continuity of electrical nutrition without interruption in all cases with the optimal use of all resources to maximize profitability.
In 1976 : The Egyptian Electricity Authority was established in 1976 to be responsible for all power plants, transmission and distribution. .
In 1984 : In 1984: the public sector authority for electricity distribution was established and being supervised on the electrical distribution companies. .
In 1998 : once again in 1998 the ownership of the distribution compainies was transferred to the Egyptian Electricity Authority,it was incorporated into the seven areas of electricity and electricity distribution companies in seven joint-stock companies to produce and distribute energy .
In 2000 : Law 164 was issued to transfer it to the Egyptian Electricity Authority Electricity Holding Company, which was followed by five companies for the production of electricity and seven companies for the distribution of electricity and one company for the transfer of electricity
In July 2001 : It was the restructuring of the holding company and its subsidiaries until the number of subsidiaries became sixteen company, six production companies and the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company and nine distribution companies of the Holding Company and the coordination between the two integrated economic unit can bear the burdens of self-funding future 2001 of plans
The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company Egypt (Egyptian Electricity Authority previously) make huge achievements within the past twenty years, the electricity was the base for all industrial projects in fields of heavy , light and intermediate industry and also for small industries. Electricity also was the base for projects in the fields of Agriculture, Land Reclamation and livestock also in the field of housing, trade, services, media, social and human renaissance in general. It was a pillar of the new cities, tourist resorts of economic and social activities.

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Leaders of EEHC

  • Eng.Gaber Desouky

  • DR. Eng.Khaled El Destawy

  • Eng.Mohamed Tablawy

  • Acc.Nadia qatary

  • Acc.Abd-ElMohsen Khalaf

  • Eng.Mahmoud ElNakiep

Electricity services

Rationalization is to optimum usage of resources of electric power which is a group of procedures or techniques that reduces energy consumption without compromising the comfort of individuals or their productivity and energy use at their real need for action ...