information and communication technology systems sector and Decision Support

It is responsible for managing, implementation and securing the internal network of EEHC and the external network between the EEHC and its subsidiaries by using the latest protection and securing devices, also it is responsible of providing internet for all the employees of EEHC either wired or wireless. The department provide the technical support for all employees of EEHC by privileged team technically and administratively.

  • • Prepare the company's policy to develop the geographical and technical information systems/ network technology / information security and authentication.
  • • develop plans for the development of geographic, technical information, technology networks, and information security and authentication systems
  • • Setting plans to prepare qualified employees
  • • Preparing agreements with scientific agencies and institutions to provide programs and newsletters for the network.
  • • selecting the most appropriate protocols for linking between the company's departments and outside entities.
  • • implementation and maintenance of internal and external information networks and various computing networks in company
  • • Coordination between the departments and sectors of the company for the integration of information systems.
  • • putting a policy for classification and arrangement of data and information to determine the degree of confidentiality required for each group individually and preparing plans and programs in the field of information and documentation to support the decision.
  • The department owns a very professional team through a creative energy and a timetable specified for each project. Achievements of the department: : -

    Connectivity systems :
  • • Updating the connectivity method between the holding company and its subsidiaries, which are (16) companies, to be MPLS by using Pre-WiMax where the current method is (Integrated Service Digital Network) ISDN which was created in 2003.
  • • Providing wireless network for all EEHC building floors "13 floors” for Internet Service.
  • Studies and Tenders: :
  • • Prepare a comprehensive study to begin the second phase for securing the EEHC building to launch a public tender for the purchase of 6 gates for entry and exit of individuals, 2 gates for entry and exit of cars and explosives detection device (X-Ray).
  • • Public tender was released, analyzed and already performed to secure the EEHC building by using protection devices to maintain the confidentiality and security of data and information and prevent intrusion and network hacking.
  • • Public tender is made for the purchase of Computer devices, servers, and laptops, printers and various departments of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company.
  • • Preparing technical reports about the production companies for the financial year 2014/2015 including (power generated statement - sending and consuming - Fuel consumption rate - the amount of consumed fuel - the self-consumption rate .....)
  • Follow-up and involvements:
  • •following up the implementation of the project assigned to Sphinx company for securing the ministry of electricity and renewable energy building by using surveillance cameras which include (177 internal fixed cameras ,47 external cameras , 4 external moving cameras).
  • • Participation in the coordination committee of information systems for the EEHC and its subsidiaries, which aims to unify the concepts and experiences exchange with other companies in the field of information system.
  • Maintenance work:
  • • Supervising on maintenance of gates of metal detectors and weapons of EEHC building.
  • • Maintenance of computers and printers in EEHC building and solving its problems in various departments of the company.
  • • Maintenance of information and Internet network, which serves about 500 users, and solving its problems.
  •  Softwares of EEHC
    The information systems department aims to automating the work at the EEHC by the establishment of a central database. Development of programs that serve the work in the EEHC and its subsidiaries has already been initiated..
    Website of EEHC
    Daily update is made for the website and the department is currently seeking to develop the company's website to be the new interactive electronic gate for clients and employees.
    It is the department which the decision-makers in EEHC depend on to obtain data and maps of the national electrical grid of the Republic of Egypt which include regions and provinces as well as choosing the best site for the power plants or transformers and the best path for of lines and cables. : -

    Annual Directory:
  • Preparing an annual guide maps for the national electricity networks of all the provinces and regions with different electrical effort (500-33 kV), in addition to the future plans in Arabic and English.
  • Suez Canal Corridor:
  • Supplying the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation with geographical paths of the national electricity grid for Sinai and participating in the study of the development of the Suez Canal electrical network within the five-year plans.
  • Use of state lands:
  • • participate in the investment map in Egypt until 2017 related to cabinet by supplying the National center for state land uses with the updated digital map.
  • Designs (Arab-African connectivity - Consolidated map - administrative boundaries for companies and regions):
  • • Design and implementation of a map linking the Arab countries (east and west) as Egypt is the pivotal for Coordinating Control.
  • • Design and implementation a Consolidated map contains the national electricity grid in 2014 for all electrical voltages (500-33 kV) for the first time since 2006, and this can be viewed clearly on a map of a scale A0.
  • • Design and sign all transformer stations of voltages 500 kV and 220 kV geographically on the map of the Arab Republic of Egypt. That map will explain the approximated administrative boundaries of distribution companies and areas of Transmission Company to determine the responsibilities and competencies at the case of power outages
  • Conferences Preparation :
  • • Participate in the design and implementation of all the conferences and seminars that held in EEHC building which previously were being held in hotels, thus made a big financial saving for the ministry and EEHC
  • Support for students and researchers:
  • • Support university students in different grades, as well as the postgraduate students especially (Ain Shams University, Cairo University) ,providing data and maps of the national electricity grid in research and study areas.

  • 1. Collecting books, references, documents, magazines and data which serve the company's goals.:
    2. Collection and tabulation of laws and regulations related to the company.
    3. Provide researchers and employees with the information they need in their research and studies.
    4. Organization and coordination of books, publications, numbered then categorizing, recording them and preparing its own catalogs.
    5. Preparing special cards related to publications which include brief information about them to infer them easily.
    6. Review the internal and external borrowed books.
    Is the department that responsible for securing and maintaining the information, provide technical support for all EEHC and its subsidiaries employees through a special team technically and administratively

    Adhere to :
  • • We are committed to provide protection to the information from the risk or the attack by providing the tools necessary to protect the information from internal or external risks.
  • Vision :
  • Provide full protection for the information of the electricity sector.
  • Administration achievements:
    Microsoft Corporation Agreement.
  • In the month of November 2013 an agreement was made with Microsoft Corporation to buy the software used by Holding Company and its subsidiaries, technical support and training was applied on these software.
  • In the field of data protection: -
    Information security project:
    Integrated project for information and computer security for the electricity sector includes methods of securing devices, information and people was prepared.
      In the field of tenders:
    Tender for the purchasing of (20) multifunction copiers for EEHC sectors.
  • • Providing multifunction copiers with the number of 20,000 copies per month.
  • • Securing the printing process by using password or fingerprint for printing.
  • • Printing from the central network.
  • • Reducing the usage of small copiers which leads to reduce the maintenance and helping in performing work quickly and easily.
  • • Limited tender for purchasing of (1) laser, colors and multifunction copier for the office of Dr. Eng. / Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy.
  • • Determine the requirements and specifications of the automated center for Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution and then analyzed technically.
  • • Technical Analysis for the tender of release center of South Cairo for the electricity distribution Company.
  • • Determine the requirements and specifications for the tender to purchase (2) servers and (6) computers for Department of geographic and technical information.
  • • Participate in setting the bid requirements and specifications for the new Central of EEHC building.
  • • Determine specifications to purchase (17) Laptops with especial specifications in order to use it in the training of Microsoft.

  • Information Systems Coordination Committee for Holding Company and its subsidiaries:
  • •This committee established to unify the definitions and integration in the field of information systems between the EEHC and its subsidiaries.
  • Assignments and investigations :
  • • behest of Dr. Eng./ Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy tasks on a high degree of importance.
  • • Behest from Dr. Eng./ Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy in complaints from the Union of Workers of the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company in Cairo and also the complaint of the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company in Delta.
  • • Subscribe to the company's operations room in the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company to follow interruptions during the presidential election period.
  • • Subscribe to the Committee of Complaints and damage Center (121) of the distribution companies.
  • • Commissioning from the Administrative Control Authority to investigate in the complaint of installing cameras for North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company.
  • • Participate in an evaluation committee of high voltage lab to decide on the complaint of the company that update the lab.

  • In the field of meetings and conferences:
  • • Participation in the delegation from the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, headed by Dr. Eng. / Head of information and communication systems sector and Decision Support to visit the headquarter of China's Huawei company.
  • • Participate in the Arab Investment Forum that was held in the Marriott Hotel
  • • Participation in the works of Egyptian German Committee for new and renewable energy.
  • • Buy a sound system for the Holding Company for the use in conferences and meetings in the company.

  • In the field of follow-up, supervision and technical support:
  • •Create, follow-up, maintenance and technical support for computer network which consists of 50 computers, 250 connection point and accessories in studies and design center.
  • • Supervision of Microsoft Training related to the agreement with the Holding Company and its subsidiaries, which hold in Mokattem Center.
  • • Participate in the follow-up of the mechanization of electricity Hospital.
  • • Edit and run program in the Central Library of the information and communication systems and decision support sector.
  • • Follow up and coordinate the maintenance of (20) copier in Egyptian Electricity Holding Company buildings.
  • Leaders of EEHC

    • Eng.Gaber Desouky

    • DR. Eng.Khaled El Destawy

    • Eng.Mohamed Tablawy

    • Acc.Nadia qatary

    • Acc.Abd-ElMohsen Khalaf

    • Eng.Mahmoud ElNakiep

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