Leadership Development Center

It is the main center of the Holding Company for Management Training at the electricity sector. The Leadership Development Center was established in 1995 and in spite of the relative modernity of the age of the center, but it is as majestic as of the major centers, because of its privilege in construction in the existence of a US grant from the Institute of International Education, and under the supervision of Egyptian – American, due to its privileged position at the ministry of electricity and renewable energy and EEHC it was outfitted with the latest equipment in the fields of management training, in addition to its wise supervision ,and group of trained and experienced workers ,this led to great impact quickly and consistently by adding to the wise leadership, which rolled on his or supervise him and a group of trained and experienced. Since its establishment in 1995 until now variety of courses were held to keep up of modern developments in the following areas : -
Leadership development program  
Leadership and management skills development courses. .
Development of computer skills courses.
Language skills development courses. .

The leadership and excellence in leadership and management training in Egypt and abroad.
The preparation of a new generation of leaders to be capable of achieving department message through their knowledge, behaviors and experiences.
Preparing a second row of leadership that has the vision, sense of economic good planning.
Provide leaders and managers with the latest scientific and practical methods in management, as well as successful applied experiments for major global institutions.
Provide the various departments with consulting services in the human resources development field.
Study courses needed, seminars and workshops that keep up with strategic business goals and vision.
Keep up of local and global changes to increase competitiveness and raise the efficiency of the leaders and managers in different skills.

Special bulletins released related to leadership development center for the publication of the center history and achievements.
The training plan of the center is prepared each year according to the courses that the center carried out.
The center released the training plan from the start of May each year to begin in September of the same year.
Manual training for leadership Center and its Brochure:
Training plan 2014/2015
To subscribe to correspondence courses
Head of the center twalhassan.EEHC@moee.cloud.gov.eg
Planning manager alalngar.EEHC@moee.cloud.gov.eg
Director of execution maalznfly.EEHC@moee.cloud.gov.eg
Or send a letter to the following address : -
Abbassia –Cairo –EEHC- Leadership Development Center
Web site for the leadership development center is www.ldces.net

Leaders of EEHC

  • Eng.Gaber Desouky

  • DR. Eng.Khaled El Destawy

  • Eng.Mohamed Tablawy

  • Acc.Nadia qatary

  • Acc.Abd-ElMohsen Khalaf

  • Eng.Mahmoud ElNakiep

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