Electric shock accidents

-Take the injured person away from the electric shock by using wooden pieces, and immediately disconnect the power supply, do not touch the patient in any way before disconnecting the power cord
-Immediately make a respirator breathe for the injured person by strongly pressing on the chest with both hands every two seconds to activate the heart
-Immediately call an ambulance to go to the nearest hospital or clinic, and tell them that there was a person suffering from electric shock
Personal protection from electrical accidents:
The Electrifying accident happens when the electric circuit is completed and the electric current passes in the human body or part of it and this is done when the current passes from one of the phases that carries the current to the human body then to the neutral line or from one of the phases to the human body then to the earth. The danger increases when the ground is wet or the current passes from one of the phases to the human body then to the other phase.
Cause of passing the current in the human body is as following:
Collapsing of insulator in one of the conductors which are not earthed that touch the human
Human errors occur when he touches spontaneous non-insulated connector with involuntary movement or spontaneous and electric current pass through it
A human error occurs when he approaches from the source of a medium or high voltage more than the allowed limits.
Ways of risks prevention The following steps should be followed:
Do not try to repair wiring, electrical equipment by yourself, but you should call the specialist.
Don’t extend the wires and cables under carpets or near either doors or seats, so as passers will be stumbled.
Removal of cables and wires from water and heat sources such as hot water pipes or hot appliances.
Don’t attract the wire when electricity is separated but clinch the plug from the socket gently.
Do not touch lighting and switches when your hands are wet.
Do not connect more than one device with a single jack.
Do not operate electrical appliances while standing on wet ground or if the person is wet or barefoot.
Do not scan or try to repair electrical appliances which are connected to electricity.
Must keep flammable materials such as curtains, clothes and papers away from lamps, heaters and all electrical appliances.
Don’t leave the electrical devices connected after the completion of the work.
Replace corroded wires with new ones and don’t try to wrap it with duct tape.
Avoid the construction of buildings and installations either near or underneath of the power transmission lines.

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