Member name The Committee
Committee number Committee name
Dr. Engineer / Mohamed Mohamed Awad B4 Chairman of the Technical Committee and conductor decision of the Commission to link DC
Dr. Engineer / Gamal Abdul Latif C2 Decision Commission for controlling ,operating power system
Dr. Eng / Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud C4 Commission decision for technical performance of the networks
Dr. Engineer / Magdy Mohammed Bassiouni A3 Decision Commission for power stations
Dr. Engineer / Abdul Rahim Ahmed Helmy B3 decision Commission for planning and development of power systems
Engineer / Ghada Mohamed Baghdadi C1 Decision Commission for the development of power systems and economics
Dr. / Fatima Mustafa C3 Decision Commission for Environmental Performance Networks
Eng. El Sayed ibrahim El shehty B1 Decision Commission for insulated cables
Dr / Fathi Tahoun D1 Decision Commission for modern technology materials
Dr. Eng / Suloman E l dbeki A2 Decision Commission for Transformers
Dr. /Sabah Ibrahim Mohamed C6 Decision Commission for distribution and scattered generation system
Dr. / Dalal Hussain Mustafa B5 Decision Commission for protection of electrical systems and mechanisms
Engineer / Howadha Yassin D2 Decision Commission for Communications and Information Systems
eng / Sabri Labib Basta C5 Decision Commission for Marketing and regulation of electrical system
eng / Mahmoud Farahat A1 Decision Commission electrical machinery rotor
Engineer Ibrahim Tantawy B2 Decision Commission for overhead lines
Name Title
Dr. Engineer / Mohamed Mohamed Awad Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National cigreia
Engineer / Mohamed Osama Executive Chief water stations
Eng. Shaban kalef Chairman Board Director of Cairo Electricity Production company
Dr. Engineer / Hassan Mahmoud Hassanein First Undersecretary of the Ministry
Engineer / Ahmed El-Hanafi Muhammad Chairman Board Director for the Egyptian Electricity Transmissin company
Engineer / Mohamed Ali Mohamed Bakr Chairman Board Director of Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company
Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Radwan Rushdy Professor of higher voltage faculty of engineering – cairo university
Accountant / Saeed Hashim Financial and administrative director of the National Committee
Dr. Engineer / Mustafa Sweedan head of the national division of the World Energy Council faiek freed farg Chairman of the National Division for
Engineer / El Husseini el faher Chairman Board Directors of south Cairo Electricity Distribution company
Engineer / Mohamed Taha El Safty Chairman of the National Electrical and International Technical Division
Engineer / gaber Dessouki mustafa Board President of the Egyptian Electricity Holding company Administration (decision)
Engineer / Mohamed Abdel Moneim Tablaoi Member of planning, research and corporate affairs services for EEHC
Dr. Engineer / Mohammed ABED EL Latif Badr Professor at the Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams University
Name Title
Engineer/ Viola gameel l Aziz Chairman of the Technical Secretariiat
Dr. / Fatima Mustafa member of Technical Secretariiat
Engineer / Naglaa Zaghloul member of Technical Secretariat
Dr. Eng / Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud member of Technical Secretariat
Engineer / Abdul Latif Abu Maati member of Technical Secretariat
Professor / Mohamed Mohamed Sagaoh member of Technical Secretariat

Leaders of EEHC

  • Eng.Gaber Desouky

  • DR. Eng.Khaled El Destawy

  • Eng.Mohamed Tablawy

  • Acc.Nadia qatary

  • Acc.Abd-ElMohsen Khalaf

  • Eng.Mahmoud ElNakiep

Electricity services

Rationalization is to optimum usage of resources of electric power which is a group of procedures or techniques that reduces energy consumption without compromising the comfort of individuals or their productivity and energy use at their real need for action ...